Our marketing is measurable. We're not necessarily focused on reaching everyone, but rather the right target groups, at the right place, at the right time. We aim to engage the established audience, but just as important — define and reach new, potential fans and customers. All target groups are based on insights and data from the artist's or customer's own channels.

What is important to us is that you should own and have access to the data you and your channels generate. Selling tickets to a concert or someone listening to songs on a streaming service or website, the user leaves data that is valuable to you. We help clients collect all accessible data and manage it in the best way possible, in line with current laws and regulations. The client will own the data and will be able to, at any time, access and retrieve it.

A case scenario: if a person living in the city of Tromsø clicks on a link to listen to music by an artist, that artist should be able to track the data generated by that click. Later on, when said artist is releasing a concert in Tromsø, the artist will be able to run ads specificly targeted to that person who clicked on the link, advertising the concert in their home town.

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Digital Etikett

Digital Etikett


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Alan Walker



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